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Conditions of Play

Duration of Games (as per Rules for Competition 7G)
– Singles 25 Up
– Pairs 18 Ends
– Mixed Pairs 18 Ends
– Triples 18 Ends
– Fours 18 Ends
– Minor Singles 21 Up

Rinks of Play
– Rinks to be allocated by the Club Championship Director

Green Selection
– The first Round of each event will be played in the Room mutually agreed by the competing teams / players. If they cannot agree on the Room, a coin toss will be used to decide which Room will be used. Once the Room is determined, the player / team which loses the toss will select the Rink on which the game is played. (n.b. the Club assumes that common sense should prevail in relation to issues such as the impact of heat on playing conditions etc.) All other matches are to be played in the Blue Room, including the Final, allow more comfort and better viewing for spectators.

– As per Rule 1G Protection shall only be afforded to players who have Region, State or National duties.

– All disputes will be settled by the Club Championship Director.

– All full members are eligible for all events except the Minor Singles. The Minor Singles is only open to members who have never won a Club Championship event.

Entry Fee
– Minimum entries in any event is specified by the Championship Director. The event will only proceed if sufficient entries are received by the entry deadline.

Sandbelt Region Championships

The Club encourages members to enter the Sandbelt Region championships, where you will be required to wear your Club uniform throughout the entire event. Winning these events gives you automatic entry into State Title Events.

Click here for more information on this season’s Sandbelt Region Championships